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Best Passive Income Books to inspire your business

Updated: Sep 24

Recently, you might heard about or seen people on their 20's 30's relaxing on the beach, coffee shops or with their luxury cars and lifestyles earning passively unbelievable amounts of money on a monthly, weekly and even on a daily basis. You might be thinking, how the hell are they doing this? "I'm spending more than 40 or 50 plus hours per week and barely can make it until the end of the month to pay rent, my student loan or mortgage". You fell tired, frustrated and even you are thinking to quit your job and start a business on your own.

Nowadays, specially after the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, there are tons of fake gurus offering "free" trainings and magic formulas, advertising on social networks seeking for desperate people to buy their educational packages and profiting on them. A great rule of thumb I've learnt through my personal entrepreneurial process is that if someone is offering you something for free, you are the product!!!

One of the best ways I have found out real entrepreneurs have achieved real success is through self-learning, cultivating their mind and expanding their brain to new ideas. That's why I have decided to share with you great books to start questioning our society imposed bias regarding money.

If you’re looking for the best books on passive income, we’ve compiled a list of books that you should definitely consider reading. *Note: if you feel reading books is boring or you are not a good reader you could still find these books on Amazon Audible (On this link you could start a free 30 day trial and try it)

1. Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Rich Dad, Poor Dad is one of the most popular personal finance books in history. It is an international best seller and has been translated in many different languages after more than 20 years, the book still remains relevant and popular.

I consider this book, besides all the critics, a great eye-opener and how many believes we have are restraining us and making people believe that real wealth could be accumulated by a 9-5 job or acquiring and enormous student loan debt.

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